[鐵怒沿線]系列 raging land series

raging land series includes:

please pay extra attention to our website for the latest news and activities about the (new) choi yuen village.

相關文章:「鐵怒沿線」三步曲觀後感 - 給每一個與菜園村擦身而過的你

序 preface

A Record Of Choi Yuen Village




when you hear the news about the overspending of the construction of guangzhou-shenzhen-hong kong express rail link, what comes to your head?
maybe you will say, our government is wasting the money of tax payers;
maybe you will criticize the government as “betraying hong kong people" by its intention to merge hong kong with mainland china’s;
maybe you will think, the express rail link is none of my business as your normal life still goes on.
but, will you ever think of choi yuen village?

under the mass media representation, choi yuen village is either mixed with the news of the express rail link, or is about land reclamation. with the construction of the express rail link, the “choi yuen village incident" seems to take a call.

however, choi yuen village is far beyond an “incident", but about a group of people, living people. since 2009, they demanded “no demolish, no move". In 2010, after the construction project of the express rail link was passed by the legislative council, they adjusted the movement appeals and decided to move and restart farming in another place. however, before they could move to a new place, the old village was under demolishing, pushing them had to have another fight with the government to request “building new house before moving". in 2011, they moved to a new place. until now, they are still self-constructing their new village.
What does the “forgetten" choi yuen village mean to the villagers?
what does it mean to you?
this year, we will show the series of raging land.

a record of choi yuen village & breaking new ground through thorns and thistles

菜園紀事 a record of choi yuen village
production: v-artivist, supporting group opf choi yuen village|camera and editing: benny chan yin kai|cantonese (with chinese and english subtitles)|2009|hong kong|80min.

蓽路藍縷 breaking new ground through thorns and thistles
production: v-artivist, supporting group opf choi yuen village|camera and editing: benny chan yin kai|cantonese (with chinese and english subtitles)|2010|hong kong|120min.

24/10(sat)2:30pm 錦上路西鐵站c出口,
                   kam sheung road station exit c 
                   public space, near bus terminal &
                   public toilet, lawn
22/11(sun)2:30pm 唐三
                   tong saam

Breaking New Ground Through Thorns And Thistles


復耕之路漫長,村民和支援者四處尋覓適合建村的土地;耕了大半生的田,倒頭來要向政府證明自己是個農夫才發復耕牌,不發復耕牌,又不可以建屋;外面的人還以為大家拿了大錢,而且政府還會一手包辦買地起屋……村民經歷甜酸苦辣、進退維谷、忑忑忐忐,為的是保持原有耕住合一、大家庭社區、老有所養、動植物共存的生活模式 。

back to 2009, new elements were slipping into the lives of choi yuen villagers: meetings every week, guided tours with many visitors pouring into the village, petitions, demonstrations and government consultations which genuineness was in doubt. insisting their way of living, villagers strove to tell “stories” of their life in the village of the past fifty years and disclose their meaning of life, attempting to shake the fixed conception of fiercer demonstration equals to wanting more money. 2010 spring, the project of expressrail still moved on. the villagers had all kinds of meetings during the following chinese new year. at last, they come to the conclusion to accept the offer of land rehabilitation scheme and rebuild a new village together.

it is a long way to “rehabilitate”. villagers and volunteers busily seeking land for the new village. for the time being, despite being farmers for half a century, villagers need to fight for the qualification of the rehabilitation scheme in order to prove they are farmers. no qualification, no construction of houses. the general public thought the villagers got a huge amount of compensation, and believed the government was the one to buy land and rebuild village. through sweets and bitter, dilemma and struggles, the villagers seek to continuous their usual way of living—a combination of farming/agriculture and residence, a community resemble to family, sustained livelihood of the elderly, co-living of animals and plants.
in the mist of misleading statement produced by the media, villagers attempt to show their belief…

三谷 three valleys

production: v-artivist, supporting group opf choi yuen village|camera and editing: benny chan yin kai|cantonese (with chinese and english subtitles)|2012|hong kong|310min.

25/10 (sun) 2:30pm 錦上路西鐵站c出口,
                   kam sheung road station exit c 
                   public space, near bus terminal &
                   public toilet, lawn
21/11 (sat) 2:30pm 唐三
                   tong saam





in 2010, amidst heated opposition, the legislative council approved the funding for the construction of the hong kong section of guangzhou-shenzhen-hong kong express rail link. the focus of the struggle of choi yuen village has then shifted to building a new village for themselves. from the design of every single house, to the ratio between private land, farmland and public land, every detail was discussed and decided collectively.

meanwhile, the government announced that the villagers had to move out in november 2010; however, due to the ‘right of way’ issues, the villagers were concerned about the possibility of commencing the construction of the new village on the piece of land which they were not sure if they had the right to pass through. the government started to tear down houses in the village in november. to fight for sufficient time for building the new village, the villagers formed daily patrols to stop the demolition. in may 2011, the villagers eventually left their homeland and moved to temporary houses built on a farmland they purchased.

what makes choi yuen villagers persistent and united, despite all the obstacles? the struggle and experience of choi yuen village manifests new possibilities to the villages in the northeastern part of the new territories that are now confronting land resumption and demolition; it also reminds us of the true hardship of a prolonged struggle of this kind …



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